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Cut Optimization WoodWorks

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Republic of South Africa
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Republik Südafrika

WoodWorks - PC software to optimize rectangular cuts of wood, glass, steel or plastic

WoodWorks cut optimizing software, the easy-to-use pc-program, optimizes your rectangular cuts of wood, glass, steel and plastic. Usage of oddments, banding (striping in horizontal and/or vertical direction), edge-bandings, printout of cutting-map and labels, Excel-interface are only a few features supported by WoodWorks.

NEW: DIY - handymen - home improver version ZAR 330,--

woodworks screenshot


Upgrade your demoversion!
After the registrationfee has been received, we will send you the registration-key. After entering this registration-key, you will be able to perform optimizations up to registered number of parts as often as you need.

Price excl. VAT:

max. parts 3.000 parts 6.000 parts 10.000 parts 20.000 parts without limit
Price in ZAR (excl. VAT) ZAR 1.240,-- ZAR 1.560,-- ZAR 1.950,-- ZAR 2.340,-- ZAR 3.120,--